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Choosing Accent Furniture For The Bedroom


The bedroom is a space that is entirely yours, so have fun expressing your style with it!

At JR Furniture, we’re proud to offer a full range of casual and modern bedroom furniture and accent furniture. We’d love to help you make your design vision a reality.

Here are some tips for picking out accent pieces to suit your dream bedroom decor.

Color scheme:

  • Reflect on the sense you want the room to exude. Colors evoke different emotions. Cool and calm or warm and energetic? Decide on a color scheme and use this when picking out bedding, curtains, pillows, picture frames, and other details.
  • Be sure to plan out how the color of the walls will coordinate with the furniture.
  • Play around with light and dark pieces to create contrast.
  • Interested in mixing patterns? Choose patterns in the same color scheme. This often makes the combination cohesive in a striking way.


  • Illuminate your bedroom! Hanging or mounted lamps can add a unique layer to the space.
  • Table lamps provide direct lighting bedside. When paired together, the lamp complements the design of the night stand or dresser it’s set on.
  • A chandelier or stylish pendant lamp can be an eye-catching statement piece.



  • Mirrors are a fantastic way to make a room appear larger and brighter by reflecting light.
  • Hang multiple mirrors for a playful look. Be sure to group them together the way you would with different art pieces.

More than just a place to sleep:

  • Of course, the bedroom is where you rest and unwind but if you plan on using it for other purposes, factor those into the layout. Perhaps you want a cozy reading corner and a bookcase or a desk by the window for natural light.

Smart storage:

  • Consider how you want your bedroom to fit your routine. Will the night stand be a place to keep books and necessities or be minimally decorated? Do you need extra storage hidden away in a media chest or dresser? Balance your ideal style with comfort and practicality.
  • A bench placed at the foot of the bed can be an elegant addition, while also providing seating and storage.



  • Section off a specific part of the bedroom with a rug or cover the entire floor with an area rug.
  • Be sure to secure your rug with backing so it doesn’t slip and move around.

The layout of it all:

  • When arranging the bedroom, avoid placing large furniture together. When the layout is balanced, there will be more natural movement throughout.
  • Every aspect of the room’s design should work together within the final look.

Make it your own:

  • Choose the furniture you want to enjoy and fill your home with!  For questions, contact one of our in-house designers at any one of our 14 JR Furniture locations.